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In which possession of a MARTA card becomes grounds for a GOP attack

A Republican governor and one Democratic candidate for Senate have indicated a certain reluctance to appear on-stage with their primary opponents. House Speaker David Ralston, R-Blue Ridge, doesn't share their concern.

On Tuesday night, the third most powerful figure in the state Capitol debated Sam Snider, a tea partyist and Gilmer County high school wrestling coach. Video has been posted by fetchyournews.com.

An accompanying write-up includes this paragraph:

Things got heated quickly when Snider showed he was not intimidated by his opponent. Snider went after Ralston for his support of TSPLOST and even went so far as to point out that Ralston was proud to have a MARTA card. Ralston responded by chiding how Snider was not offering any solutions, just criticism. Ralston then capitalized on what may have been a misstep by Snider when he commented on government over reach on a Ginseng bill. Ralston told Snider to read the bill before he spoke about it again.

I've embedded the video above. Snider's remarks on transportation begin at about the 12:45 mark. In part:

“I think Mr. Ralston was saying that he had not supported TSPLOST….It is my understanding that he has a MARTA card, and that what’s good for Atlanta is good for Georgia. And it’s my understanding that TSPLOST was passed by the House, but did not get passed by the voters of this state.

“And if I’m not mistaken, TSPLOST would have expanded MARTA, and that was supposed to be good for me and Gilmer County…..”

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