Georgia polls

The AJC regularly polls Georgia residents to gauge the state's views on the issues and elected leaders. Here are the results of those polls.


January - Impressions of Donald Trump, state of economy in Georgia and U.S., marijuana legalization and issues facing Georgia Legislature


June - 6th District voters on the special election candidates and issues

January - Early impressions of President Donald Trump and issues facing Georgia lawmakers


October - Presidential election, candidate supoort levels and issues

August - Post-convention poll on 2016 candidates, why voters are supporting them and issues surrounding the race

May - 2016 presidential race and reaction Gov. Nathan Deal's vetoes

January - Issues facing Georgia lawmakers before the legislative session and favoribility ratings of presidential candidates


January - Questions about issues facing Georgia before legislative session


October - U.S. Senate and Georgia gubernatorial polls and issues

September - U.S. Senate and Georgia gubernatorial polls and issues

May - Questions about U.S. Senate and Georgia Gubernatorial primary elections and issues.

January - Questions about issues facing state legislature and voter impression of candidates.


September - Attitudes on Obamacare

January - Questions focus on statewide issues before start of Legislative session.


November - Transportation, government, trust

October - Questions focus presidential election and statewide issues.

July - TSPLOST opinions