‘Can the president be put on administrative leave?’ the left wonders

1. After Helsinki, can the president be put on administrative leave?

From The Hill: “President Donald Trump’s performance in Helsinki with Russian President Vladimir Putin remains Topic A in conversations. And it should.”

2. Trump's rude he-man act is catnip to his fans. They don't care that he's putty for Putin.

From USA TODAY: “Donald Trump betrayed the U.S. in Helsinki, but his party and fans don't care. What's so studly about standing up to friends and buttering up bullies?”

3. Is Trump a danger or just ‘incompetent’ and a ‘buffoon’?

From CNN: “Brushing aside a majority of the President's critics as showing signs of paranoia misses the new political reality of the Trump administration.”

‘Working constructively is not a betrayal,’ the right says

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