Georgia House backs plan to create Eagle’s Landing city from part of Stockbridge

Georgia representatives approved creating a new city of Eagle’s Landing, in part from land taken from the 98-year-old city of Stockbridge.

The House voted 102-67 to incorporate Eagle’s Landing despite protests from dozens of Stockbridge residents at the Georgia Capitol on Tuesday.

Eagle’s Landing supporters say cityhood is necessary so that residents can start a local government in Henry County with improved police, parks and other services.

But many Stockbridge residents say their city would lose nearly half its tax base and they could face tax increases as a result.

The city of Stockbridge has a current population of about 28,000, while the city of Eagle’s Landing would cover about 17,000 people. More than 9,000 of Eagle’s Landing’s residents would come from Stockbridge.

If Senate Bill 263 wins final approval in the state Senate and it’s signed by Gov. Nathan Deal, residents within the borders of Eagle’s Landing would vote this year on whether to incorporate.

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