Georgia Legislature Today: ‘Brunch bill’ hits Senate floor

The Georgia General Assembly at a glance for Tuesday, Day 20 of the 2018 legislative session:

“Mimosa mandate”A compromise bill allowing restaurants to sell alcohol earlier on Sundays that Senate Majority Leader Bill Cowsert, R-Athens, said he will not block has made it to the floor for debate. Senate Bill 17, which would permit restaurants and wineries that serve food to begin Sunday sales of alcohol at 11 a.m. instead of 12:30 p.m., is set for debate Tuesday.

Transportation billHouse Speaker David Ralston, R-Blue Ridge, and state Rep. Kevin Tanner, R-Dawsonville, will hold a press conference Tuesday afternoon to discuss legislation being introduced that aims to reform the way the state’s transit is governed and funded.

On the record: “I’ve got the choice to either hit the car head on, or veer into the ditch. So, the car comes on my side of the road, I veer off the road and come back on. When I come back on the road, the differential between the asphalt and the shoulder flipped me. So I flip, land on my head, land on my shoulder, bust my collar bone. The car never stops. I don’t believe the car ever knew I was there in the first place, it swerved back on the road and kept on.”

— Chris Riley, Gov. Nathan Deal’s chief of staff, to a House panel about being hit by a distracted driver while on a bicycle

Business days remaining in the 2018 legislative session: 20 — half way point.

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