Hot on the left: Will Trump betray GOP again; Medicare-for-all and Trump official takes taxpayers for a ride

A roundup of today’s editorials that includes whether Donald Trump could betray Republicans on taxes; why Medicare-for-all is a legitimate starting point for Democrats and Trump’s Treasury secretary looks out for himself, not the public. 

1. Could Trump Betray His Party on Taxes Next?

From New York Magazine: “A Republican who is double-crossing his party by refusing to help the rich would sound exactly like a Republican president who is trying to fool the public into thinking he has no intention of helping the rich.”

2. Medicare-for-all is nothing like “repeal and replace”

From Vox: “If Democrats run on various flavors of “Medicare should be expanded both in terms of who it covers and what it pays for” and win a bunch of seats, they will face a lot of difficult policy work. But there’s no reason they shouldn’t be able to write a bill that, broadly speaking, does exactly that. The problem with repeal and replace, by contrast, wasn’t making the details work. It was that the broad strokes of the GOP plans did the opposite of what they’d promised.”

3. Highflying Mnuchins Take the Country for a Ride

From The New York Times: “Mr. Mnuchin comes from a world where rich people get free stuff all the time. Now he is in a different world, one where taxpayers are on the hook.”

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