Hot on the right: What Trump gets right about North Korea

A roundup of editorials on the right looks at whether President Donald Trump’s words are having an affect on the nuclear situation in North Korea, why more than good jobs are needed to increase the marriage rate and how to improve sexual assault investigations on college campuses. 

1. Why Trump Is Right about North Korea

From National Interest: The Trump administration’s all-or-nothing approach to North Korea’s nuclear and ballistic-missile ambitions is forcing Kim Jong-un into a corner from which he only has two choices: further escalate tensions or withdraw his primary bargaining chip.

2. The Only Way to Rebuild the Marriage Culture

From National Review: In fact, getting married can make it easier for poor and working-class men to overcome economic challenges and succeed in the labor force 

3. Due Process Is Making A Comeback For College Students Accused Of Rape

From The Federalist: It looks like hysteria over civil rights for accused students could be dying down. It’ll take a while to fix a culture that devalues due process, but we appear to be on the right path.

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